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Instalación de drivers MTK6577 USB VCOM para Android

Tema en 'Drivers y Herramientas PC' iniciado por mikemuntos, 8 Jun 2013.

  1. mikemuntos

    mikemuntos Simdualero de Oro

    13 Abr 2013
    Hola, he encontrado esto para el que tenga problemas para instalar los drivers MTK6577, esta inglés y alemán parece, pero bueno para eso están los traductores.

    Since here every day again and again problems with the USB VCOM driver installation for MTK6577 appear Phones, here is a short guide to the installation, and a final, successful test with SPFlashtool!

    Installation of the USB VCOM driver:

    [1] With USBDeview, clean up your PC from all possible old MTK VCOM entries, then reboot your PC.


    [2] Smartphone is switched off, and still dont connect via USB to the PC.

    [3] Open Device Manager and leave it open!

    [4] Your switched off Smartphone with inserted rechargeable battery via USB connect now on the PC, you should now see a MT65xx preloader in the Device Manager.
    (With some MTK6577 Smartphones should be installed without battery. Please before hand inform.)


    [5] now launch the Installdriver.exe from the unzipped MT6577 USB VCOM drivers folder. Confirm the installation of unsigned drivers


    [6] now! (W7 x 64 this confirmation comes later in the manual installation!) After the installation is complete, you have no entry in the Device Manager, it is correctly!


    [7] PC reboot!

    [8] Open Device Manager and open the switched-off Smartphone via USB to the PC release, now connect (same USB port!)

    [9] Now a MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM should appear for a brief moment in the Device Manager entry!


    [10] At the moment the entry double click and click on "Update driver" under the tab "Driver".
    Enlaces Patrocinados (regístrate y no los verás :) ):
    2cent 700 mb_tamaño 728x90
    [11] With the wizard in the unzipped MTK 6577 USB VCOM drivers navigate and select the folder for your operating system.


    [TD="class: alt2, bgcolor: #E9E9E9"]Required Downloads:
    Download MT6577 USB VCOM Driver (W7/Vista/XP) -> http://www.mediafire.com/?cypm22rgs2k83ji
    Download MT6577 USB VCOM Driver (W8) -> http://www.mediafire.com/?7yee2of64nhl947
    Download USBDeview -> http://www.mediafire.com/?becpnj761zh5o2w
    Download USBDeview x64 -> http://www.mediafire.com/?41i2k36yyi1fzhz[/TD]

    Saludos y suerte.

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