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COOLPAD 7320.PORT ZOPO ZP980+ Android 4.2.2 AOSP

Tema en 'ROMs Coolpad 7320' iniciado por gabika318, 7 Sep 2014.

  1. gabika318

    gabika318 Simdualero de Bronce

      13 May 2013
      Coolpad 7320 - Zopo ZP980+ Android 4.2.2 AOSP Port

      Zopo ZP980+ official FW (2014. jun.) from zopomobileshop

      Full deodexed
      Default language: hungarian
      Rooted and include Gapps (latest GMS and Play Store)
      Contacts, SMS/MMS and Calendar dark/black theme (full edited by me, large contact pics, very hard work... :wink: )
      Default settings: Wifi network scan notify OFF, Install non-market apps ON, Verify apps OFF, Battery percentage ON etc...
      Multiuser menu enabled (max. users = 4, see the build.prop - fw.max_users value)
      Manage Autostart in Settings
      YGPS in Location access menu
      Call settings in Settings root menu
      Engineer Mode and Factory Mode in Delepoer options menu
      Developer options menu always enabled
      After tapping the Build Number 7 times: enabled the Advanced settings (Vol+/- wake and Advanced transparent settings) :smile:
      "Official" superuser (Settings/Security menu) disabled
      Backup & Reset menu / Factory reset menu and DRM reset menu diasabled (use custom rec. for factory reset)
      Deault USB connection type: MTP
      Default writing disk: External SD
      External SD default path: storage/sdcard0 or /sdcard
      Keyboard: Android AOSP, Xperia Z1S and Anysoft in /data partition
      Camera: Stock android (original zopo) with 13 mpx (default: 9mpx) and working HDR function
      Camera: Lenovo SEEit 3.6.7 with .*lib files
      Audio: Viper4Android with V4A driver + Apollo Music Player 1.3
      Launcher: original Zopo, im using Xperia Launcher with widgets
      \Data apps: Xposed_2.6.1 + Patched Gravitybox 3.2.2, Gmail, Youtube, OperaClassic, SuperBackup, Anysoft keyboard, WiFiADB, Mobileuncle MTKTools
      FM-Radio, GPS, Wifi, GSM works fine, see the screenshots


      Screenshot_2014-09-05-14-22-24. Screenshot_2014-09-05-14-22-29. Screenshot_2014-09-05-14-22-41. Screenshot_2014-09-05-14-21-31. Screenshot_2014-09-05-14-16-50. Screenshot_2014-09-05-14-16-57. Screenshot_2014-09-05-14-17-03. Screenshot_2014-09-05-14-17-07. Screenshot_2014-09-05-14-22-54. Screenshot_2014-09-05-14-23-01. Screenshot_2014-09-05-14-23-07. Screenshot_2014-09-05-14-23-19. Screenshot_2014-09-05-14-23-40. Screenshot_2014-09-05-14-20-12. Screenshot_2014-09-05-14-24-14. Screenshot_2014-09-05-15-17-33. Screenshot_2014-09-05-16-27-11.
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