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Simdualero de Oro
19 Jul 2012
me e encontrado con esta App y la quiero poner en conocimiento del foro. es un explorador de archivos con una estética alucinantes con utilidades como acceso a nube y la de doble pantalla que me an encantado que la disfrutéis, un saludo

This app is for Android 2.2 and up

Here are some highlights of major features:

    • Two independent panels for browsing
    • Drag and Drop inside and between panels
    • FTP, SFTP and SMB/CIFS clients
    • File sharing via FTP
    • Support for ZIP, TAR.GZ, TAR.BZ2 and RAR archives
    • Creating ZIP and TAR archives
    • Dropbox and Box.net support
    • Bookmarks
    • Root access
    • Indexed search, also available from the system (this means that you can search for files from the Google Search widget/app)
    • Detailed file and directory information
It is going to be the paid app (but cheap), so please express your opinions about my work and suggestions what still needs to be done to make this app worth a pair of bucks. Of course there will be a trial period to decide if it is worth spending money.

Every time the application crashes, you can send the report to me. I will be grateful for that
Furthermore you can express your opinions using the "Report a bug" option in the settings.

__________________________________________________ ______________

I am not responsible for any damage, use it at your own risk


Now the app is ready for translation so if you wish to have the app in your own language and be on the credits list, just send me a PM. I will post here a list which languages are already being translated to avoid unnecessary spam

List of people who are translating the app:

    • Greek - dancer_69 (done)
    • Indonesian - hadi_rena
    • Spanish - :No-Frost: (done)
    • German - Dahaka92
    • French - remizik
    • Portuguese - doublecaffe
    • Hebrew - eliashiv1994
    • Arabic - ahm4droid
    • Dutch - rjh.olthof
    • Swedish - jonas (done)
    • Japanese - otack
    • Ukrainian - Ярослав
    • Slovak - lumiresku
    • Chinese Simplified and Traditional - genious peter
    • Brazilian - ethraza
    • Hungarian - zakoo2
    • Italian - PieR
    • Slovenian - drago.kraner
    • Bulgarian - SFisherBG

-brand new icon
-Google Drive and SkyDrive support
-MD5 calculator
-new languages: polish, greek, swedish, spanish, hebrew, french, chinese, indonesian
-search filters
-search results have now highlighted matching query
-improved performance of network clients
-fixed bug with progress bar when extracting archives
-text editor bug fixes
-proper sorting of files with numbers in names
-improved scroll performance in file properties
-fullscreen mode
-ability to customize port number in FTP server
-fixed hangups while trying to list massive directories
-fixed some bugs in search activity
-fixed sume UI glitches
-reduced pie chart's quality in order to save memory
-minor bug fixes

-added list resizing
-ability to disable master password
-file operation won't be interrupted now when killing the app
-streaming from smb temporarily disabled
-extended expiration date
-gallery is now refreshed when media file is deleted
-some little bug fixes

-app2sd support
-index data moved to sdcard
-desktop shortcuts
-improved thumbnails memory usage
-fixed bugs in text editor
-dialog buttons are now swapped on ICS
-improved storage device recognition
-several improvements in root explorer
-disabled keyboard suggestions in password fields
-fixed some UI glitches
-several minor bug fixes and stability improvements
-added support for GZIP compressed files
-new selection bar with icons
-paste option now available from the context menu
-ability to customize search key action
-ability to customize downloads and photos directory
-root explorer improvements
-fixed errors with SAMBA on ICS
-fixed file picker issues
-fixed bug with bookmarks popup
-search interface fixes
-some bugfixes in ftp client
-partially fixed problems with drag and drop
-fixed grid view issues
-search mode is now stored in preferences
-fixed inability to open files with special chars in name
-fast scroll in search

-fixed crashes in root
-app is visible to system for picking files
-added quick start guide
-fixed some errors reported by users
-changed development state to beta

-FTP server - you can share your files now
-new Dark theme
-added fast scroll thumb in file lists and text editor
-added quick actions row in selection bar (cut, copy, send)
-root explorer improvements - now should work on every device
-fixed crashes when showing properties of root files (probably not all)
-ICS optimizations
-fixed incorrect file position recognition on ICS
-fixed dropbox crashes on ICS
-fixed mkdir, mkfile and rename crashes on ICS
-fixed some glitches in notifications
-file operations are now confirmed with a toast message
-file list now remains in its position after file rename
-new files are placed in sorted position, not at the end
-fixed many errors reported by users

-Dropbox and Box.net support (Box.net is under approval so won't work for a while)
-chown option
-fixed RAR extraction, files are now not corrupted
-some UI improvements
-fixed blank panels issue on ICS

-fixed root browser

-added Text Editor with support for root files
-added chmod option (properties->change button)
-ability to display file permissions instead of date (only root files, enabled by default)
-sort mode is now remembered
-fixed several problems with list (checking, clicking, dragging, etc.)
-an attempt to fix almost all errors reported by users
-other obsolete things which i don't remember

-fixed some errors reported by users
-fixed a problem, when "Operations" position was causing the app to crash
-files without extension are now handled properly
-fixed sorting by type
-fixed occasional crashes after clicking on item or choosing context menu option
-an attempt to fix OutOfMemoryError when loading a thumbnail (reported by one user)
-working properties of multiple items
-added "Open as..." option
-added "Exit" option
-added ability to reset file type associations
-fixed some UI glitches

-fully functional root explorer (but still be careful with that)
-cosmetic changes to the file usage chart in properties screen
-fixed some errors causing the app crash
-extended known file types list
-some other problems which I don't remember
-crash report is back (just forgot to enable it last time)

-finally got rid of app crash before starting a file operation
-fixed an error causing a crash before showing search results
-some improvements in file searching
-fixed errors reported by users (hope that all of them)

-fixed crash on app start caused by incorrect external storage detection

-fixed memory leak caused by setting a custom font
-some UI improvements
-fixed some grid view problems
-added ability to cancel archive extraction and creation
-added password confirmation in the archive dialog
-selection mode now turns off after performing an operation
-fixed current sort mode display
-ability to clear cache data
-fixed some errors reported by users
-fixed occasional crashes before starting a file operation (hope so)
-temporary solution for screen indicator (I need an idea for a better approach)

- fixed TAR and ZIP extraction error
- fixed asking for root when showing sd card properties
- "Select all" option added
- added some missing operation labels in the history
- removed "In background" label from the panel popup, when there is no explorer in background
- added sd card free, used and total space information in the properties
- fixed some errors reported by users

-Initial release
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Simdualero de Diamante
31 May 2010
Habrá que probarla. Muchas gracias.

Un saludo.


Simdualero de Bronce
15 Sep 2012
Gracias por todo. Tendré que descargarlo :smile:
30 Ago 2011
Yo la he probado, pero en mi HD7+ no tengo acceso root . Me dice que no tengo instalado busybox, raro pues con otros exploradores root no tengo problemas, pero además lo vuelvo a instalar el busybox desde el market, y nada. Me sigue diciendo que no está instalado el busybox...

Una pena, porque la interfaz es muy buena. Saludos.


Simdualero de Plata
11 Ene 2013
una pasada , gracias


Simdualero de Bronce
7 May 2013
gracias probando...


Simdualero de Bronce
14 Jun 2013
gracias por la recomendación!
estuve usando durante mucho tiempo root explorer, hace poco me pasé a fx Explorer que es el que estaba usando hasta ahora, los dos están muy bien, pero este es la po*a en bicicleta! muy bueno, no me lo esperaba. creía que no se podía mejorar el fx pero me equivocaba. os lo recomiendo!

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Simdualero de Plata
11 Ene 2013
gracias por la recomendación!
estuve usando durante mucho tiempo root explorer, hace poco me pasé a fx Explorer que es el que estaba usando hasta ahora, los dos están muy bien, pero este es la po*a en bicicleta! muy bueno, no me lo esperaba. creía que no se podía mejorar el fx pero me equivocaba. os lo recomiendo!

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Ja ja ja la verdad que siempre es mejor lo bueno conocido que lo malo por conocer, pero con esta maravilla anuló el refrán......

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