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Nueva rom: OFFICIAL Baidu cloud ROM

Tema en 'ROMs Lenovo A820' iniciado por Dr_Rock, 9 Ene 2014.

  1. Dr_Rock

    Dr_Rock HxC Sound Simdualero de Diamante

    • MDSdev
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    30 Oct 2013
    Bogotá, Colombia
    Hola a todos! En Needrom, tartaros ha publicado esta rom, al parecer basada en Baidu 5.1 OS (Android 4.2).
    A continuacion las caracteristicas:
    Show Spoiler

    [Dual SIM]
    1) to call optimization. Dual card dual interface, improved interface calls to identify degrees.
    1, automatic call recording feature presentation, set in the call setup. In the call records can directly see and hear the recording. (Not supported: G11 , T328d , T328W , T328T , ONE X(4.2) , ONE X (4.0) ,i9300 , I9220 , NS , I9250 , N7100 , P6 )
    2, automatic redial function calls increase, continuing to call is not a problem!
    3, harassment reporting enhancements, increased reporting and SMS call log entry in the list, click to report, report number is automatically added to the blacklist.
    1, the contact details added to generate two-dimensional code menu. Scan two-dimensional code, easy to add a contact card.
    2, the contact search to locate and support the three pen input method switch
    [Main Screen]
    1, desktop icons, adding to sell Meng micro animation. Long press an icon placement , other icons of the page will be a slight bounce and vibration; After entering the folder icon in the order has numerous Fade into the desktop
    2, support the theme of the lock screen configuration. Identify and resolve lock screen theme package configuration file. When the download and apply a theme package, which contains the lock screen mode to take effect immediately.
    3, start to close the keyboard light, saving a little bit. Enabled by default, once checked, the keyboard light does not shine forever.
    4, anti inadvertently pockets feature utilizes distance sensor to determine whether the phone in your pocket or other bags, to avoid inadvertently phone power / volume keys and wake up the phone.
    5, the lock screen, the status bar is disabled, not afraid of false touch.
    [Virtual] construction
    Supported models: P6 Unicom Edition / Mobile, Galaxy Nexus , 100 + V5 phones, A798T
    1, can be equipped with an adjustable virtual keys. Show open “support virtual keys away”, click on the left side of the virtual keys down arrow keys to hide the entire virtual strip; slide up from the bottom edge of the fingertip, to reappear.
    2, switched virtual key sequence to facilitate the return key on the right-hand rotation, easy to operate.
    1, Baidu cloud ROM achieve shutdown alarm clock, alarm clock reminder before shutdown prompt, punctual awakened also supports fast boot.
    2, heart settings. Set the call when the event occurred LED color lights, even in the case of the screen does not open for calls and can glance notification event.
    3, long press the power button, click on the restart bar, you can choose to restart or into the brush mode.
    4, full-screen viewfinder camera module, button placed in the upper left corner of the full-screen preview, easy to take pictures before related adjustments. Simplifies the camera and video mode switching method, and you can set the photographic effect.
    5 Gallery adaptation 4.0 , 4.1 , 4.2 models, three ways ( time axis view, the traditional folder view to browse, cloud browse album) pictures, the album also set hidden features.
    6, the video player
    1) Local enhancements: Full format support (200 variety ) , to ensure that mainstream format 100play a variety of processes, application of mobile coprocessor technology to optimize more thoroughly, play more smoothly ; support cloud transcoding to ensure smooth playback of ;
    Support local and cloud video data upload and download. New Cover modify, share and other functions, more convenient to use
    2) Far cloud support: After landing Baidu account, you can operate Baidu network disk storage on the video, whether it is in the clouds upload, download, or play, direct and fast.

    Bueno, tendremos que probarla y ver que tal funciona, pues según los comentarios publicados, dicen que la duración de la batería no es buena, solo trae dos idiomas: ingles y chino, no tiene gapps y algunos servicios solo funcionan en China.

    Enlace de descarga aquí.

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    Última edición: 9 Ene 2014
  2. DaniGZ

    DaniGZ Simdualero de Oro

      30 Oct 2013
      A Coruña, Spain
      Yo la probé hace unas semanas, no se si era esta exactamente, pero era una Baidu original.
      Aparte de que solo trae los idiomas ingles y chino, trae tropecientas aplicaciones en chino.
      La cámara se ve oscura (para no variar) y no trae las GAPPS.
      Es bonita, pero no útil.
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