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Nueva Rom para Lenovo A820 v. 4.2.2

Tema en 'ROMs Lenovo A820' iniciado por llopbal, 17 Nov 2013.

  1. llopbal

    llopbal E.V.L. Simdualero de Diamante

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    11 Sep 2013
    Estaré por Jamaica.
    Os dejo el link de needrom :


    A820 clean Android 4.2.2 Multilang *BETA*


    1. wipe everything. (I have installed twice and the second time I wipe all so autorotation work good)

    2. install zip


    1. autorotation Sometimes it work ok, sometimes not.

    2. 2 – camera & 2 -gallery

    3. camera autofocus doesn't work

    4. radio FM doesn't work

    everything work good!

    gapp include.

    **If the cell phone does not turn on, enter recovery and choose Restart**

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    【ReaGan】Lenovo A820 Vibe RC2 【2013/11/15.Uploaded to the SkyDrive】
    android version:4.2
    ROM of Reagan_SuJen
    vibe for a820
    what’s vibe?
    It’s a rom developed by lenovo(of course not officially for A820)
    from some official texts(translated)
    We do not seek to stimulate the dazzling colors . we pay attention to efficiency, we think it should have a clear and plain style .Provide personalized experience, they have bright and gorgeous colors. There is a materialized style, let the application easy to use.
    In total, it’s a user-defined rom.
    bugs fixed(translated by softwares)
    November 14th
    RC2.[2013 update]
    1 camera overexposure problem fixed
    2 some cases of rom-flashing fialure fixed
    3 replace the sound driver.
    4 simplified rom
    November 13th RC1
    .[2013 update]
    1 camera partial green (fixed).
    2 bugs fixed
    3 remove some useless apks
    by Reagan_SuJen
    acording to the original text . Reagan_SuJen uploaded it to the skydrive for the reqirement of a man from Poland.I was puzzled if he would also post it here but then I decided to post it here.If he post it formally,you can ignore my text .
    installed by CWM recovery and make sure you have wiped out cache,data and dalvik data.Make a backup to avoid something unknown that may happen.
    GOOD LUCK &&&&posted at 00:15 on 2013-11-16
    original text
    【ReaGan】Lenovo A820 Vibe RC2 【2013/11/15.Uploaded to the foreign SkyDrive】
    Última edición: 17 Nov 2013
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      18 Feb 2012
      Este hilo es mejor en el foro de roms. O al menos eso creo. ¿Lo puede mover algún moderador @zoyBzoyB o @BreakkBreakk?
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