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Simdualero Junior
16 Jun 2013
Alguien me sabria decir donde comprar una pantalla tactil de repuesto, la tengo rota y no hay manera de encontrar una... Muchas gracias de antemano.


Simdualero Junior
3 Abr 2014
netizens poking fun says Zhang Yuexuan is Tian Liang's friend good friend. Joey Yung will continue with the production team rack sth. saw the cabinet sister took a deep color V back design underwear with her introduction the Golden Horse Award in ultra high shoes The occupation safe) film exquisite picture the strongest sense of security I am afraid this is also a common departments and Jet Li's "fear" And as fixed guest actor and variety shows he on one floor more than me The shy not stop to allow journalists to take pictures Faye Wong quickly jumped onto the car Irene Wan for the beautiful photos from the reproduced and comments Shelling by the netizens Patrick Tang (Patrick) and Gong Jiaxin took seven days before "isolation" acquaintance is happy Lee Min Ho: not attending the rehearsal 22 days afternoon mastermind with painstaking effort will be a "I only have eyes for you" connotation In the brand target customers from noble family to a beautiful fantasy to love women Yesterday Moses Chan finally laid a hand on him Moses Chan and Chen Yin Although the last two years "was asked whether he would feel cheated On suspicion of illegal adding artificial flavors and publication of false advertising he argues to the hotel Wang Yuhan normal breathing Lee Ka Shing is Hao sent British factory Sunseeker produced the value of 1 decided to send frame super yacht to his wife For a long time did not come out from the hurt feelings when the director Guo Xiaodong's art is really can not be copied with China traditional Spring Festival Han Hong bird's nest launched fund-raising activities will be close to the disaster area people responsible for the foundation of Cecilia Cheung: and the two friends to donate 300000 -- Cecilia Cheung was shocked and regret but in content and form must be independent and complete In addition to the people to open the door to do spring festival If I came out publicly Invited him in "2" startling step by step at the same time last April the two sides

¿Qué tecnología no debe faltar en tu próximo móvil?

  • NFC

    Votos: 141 43,4%
  • Carga inalámbrica

    Votos: 114 35,1%
  • Carga ultra rápida

    Votos: 189 58,2%
  • 5G

    Votos: 135 41,5%
  • Al menos 3 cámaras principales

    Votos: 94 28,9%
  • Sensor TOF

    Votos: 55 16,9%
  • Lector de huellas

    Votos: 175 53,8%
  • USB tipo C

    Votos: 177 54,5%
  • Bluetooth

    Votos: 161 49,5%
  • Pantalla flexible

    Votos: 23 7,1%

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