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Recuperar imei después de la restauración de fábrica A5000 dual chip

Tema en 'Móviles Chinos sin Android' iniciado por jgkosak, 23 Jun 2011.

  1. jgkosak

    jgkosak Simdualero Junior

      18 May 2011
      era yo el único método que realmente funciona

      con la traducción de google del ruso al Inglés.
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      Holders of Chinese guglofonov chipset based MTK6515 sometimes faced with failure after flashing IMEI, or the so-called reset to factory default (AKA hardware reset). Thanks to the research participants of this forum and andryn f_mulder, it became clear that the problem is common for those firmware that file MP0B_001, containing the IMEI in encrypted form, is in the directory / data / nvram / ​​md / NVRAM / NVD_IMEI, overwritten when refleshinge. In more recent firmware file that is placed in the / nvram / ​​md / NVRAM / NVD_IMEI, where it is not lost.
      If you are unsure of your firmware before updating it, or reset, it is recommended to keep this file on the flash card. This can be done, for example, using a terminal emulator, for example, Terminal Emulator Android (there is on the market), or Terminal Emulator Pro Better :

      cp / data/nvram/md/NVRAM/NVD_IMEI/MP0B_001 / sdcard

      to restore it if necessary (required by law root!!!) command:

      cp / sdcard/MP0B_001 / data / nvram / md / NVRAM / NVD_IMEI

      What do you do when no backup and the original file is deleted / corrupted?
      First of all, finding ozabottes IMEI codes of the manufacturer of your phone. To start, try to find them on a piece of paper under the battery. Sometimes you can find them at the box devices, or the accompanying documentation. You can also ask your dealer to find codes, manufacturers usually refuse to deal with the final buyer, but go towards resellers and wholesalers. At the very least, find a couple of dead phones, certainly not to be restored, who preserved stickers IMEI.
      In no case do not use the IMEI codes of mobile phones, operating in your country, because the so-called "cloning" IMEI not only illegal in most states, but also fraught with various problems in the operation - from the denial of service providers to register the "clone" of their networks, to trouble with the police in case of theft or unlawful use of a device with the same IMEI.
      So, you have restored / found "free" IMEI codes. How do I get them from the above file?

      Download the attached archive, , unpack, select the executable for your platform:
      • imei.arm - an executable file to run directly on the phone, tablet or netbook to ARM-compatible processor running Andriod or Linux (do not forget to chmod 755 imei.arm!!!)
        imei.i386 - binary for PC with Linux
        imei.exe - binary for Windows PCs
      and run it on the command line, specifying as parameters IMEI1, IMEI2 and (optionally) the name of the file:

      imei.??? 123456789012345 123450123456789
    • nikospeakon

      nikospeakon Simdualero de Bronce

        27 May 2011

        jgkosak has podido ejecutar en pc con windows el archivo, yo no he podido, ni en xp ni en w7, como se hace para ejecutarlo directamente desde el telefono? slds -
      • pauete

        pauete Simdualero de Diamante

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        12 May 2010
        El otro dia borramos esta misma aplicación del apartado de descargas pq esta dejando muertos varios telefonos sin solución!!!
      • maxx81

        maxx81 Simdualero de Bronce

          8 Dic 2011
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