Replicant en el B92?


Simdualero de Oro
4 Ene 2013
Poco a poco el proyecto Replicant parece que va avanzando. Para los que no lo conozcan, Replicant es una distribución Android completamente libre. Yo estoy eliminando o cambiando la mayoria de las aplicaciones propietarias por otras de codigo abierto, pero si fuese posible me gustaria usar en un futuro Replicant. Pregunta para los más expertos: cumple nuestro B92 los requisitos para instalar Replicant?

Targets Evaluation

Evaluation criteria

Minimal requirements

List of the bare minimum requirements for a device to be ported to Replicant:
  • The device must be supported by CyanogenMod officially (better) or via 3rd party repos
  • There must be a way to flash images (via bootloader or recovery) using a free program
  • The kernel must not be signed: the bootloader must not check the kernel signature
  • The kernel sources must have been released
  • The network type must be GSM, no CDMA phone can be supported for now
Good target

What makes a good target for Replicant:
  • Bootloader must be ready to flash images, or be very easy to unlock
  • Free user-space implementation for most of the hardware already available
  • Standard or well-known protocols used in the hardware (V4L2/ALSA/NMEA, etc)
  • Firmwares needed only for WiFi/Bluetooth, and not sound, screen, touchscreen, camera, etc
  • Freedom-compliant hardware design: Modem isolation (no shared mem, GPS, audio)
Ideal target

An ideal target for Replicant would be:
  • Free bootloaders that allow easy flashing for the user
  • All the hardware using standard protocols, kernel-drivers and no user-space binary blobs
  • Components that do not require loadable firmware
  • Ways to update the internal firmwares of the chips (for instance to allow a free software modem implementation)
  • Total modem isolation (doesn't control audio, nor GPS, mem, NAND, etc)
  • SIM unlock
Known to be bad targets

Here is a list of the bad targets for Replicant and reasons why:
  • MSM/QSD devices are known to have bad hardware design where the modem controls GPS, audio (including mic), RAM, NAND.
    However, some MSM/QSD SoCs don't ship with a modem embedded, so they may be good targets.
  • Nvidia Tegra 2 devices are known to be too slow with Replicant, since there is no NEON nor any free hwcomposer/gralloc.
    Perhaps newer Tegra SoCs (which include NEON) would be faster on Replicant.
  • Motorola devices manufactured after the Milestone (inclusive). These have non-free locked bootloaders that check kernel signatures. sbf_flash, a utility capable of flashing Motorola devices, is non-free.