Salió upgrade por ota para 2150204-161147



17 Oct 2011
Xiaomi note 2
Eso pongo en inglés porque el traductor de chino no es bueno para Español.

1. After the upgrade edition software, "restore the phone to factory settings" function will no longer remove the phone storage space in the data (such as photos, music, etc.), and if cleared, you can check the format the phone memory.
2. Excerpts software upgrade adds support for the card after brushing function. Card brush method of operation: First, brush package into the phone memory card space, and then turn into the "Settings - About phone - Wireless Upgrade" screen, enter the upper right corner of the green symbol, select a local upgrade, find your phone into update.zip card brush package can be.
3. Fix SIM card identifies two traffic showed unclear issues.
4. After correcting some of the application to apply for permission is denied, repeatedly prompted the question.
5. The majority of users should be required to remove Variety unlock and font management, there is a need to download third-party applications on their own.
6. Fixed MTP mode phone connected to the computer to transfer data, crash prone to disruptions.
7. correction SD card storage space is full, the next phone call conversation recording, the interface error prompt dial operation to stop the problem.
8. optimize other small BUG.
Note: Before upgrading, make sure your phone has been doing important data backup. Of the upgrade process, any possible loss of user data, we do not take any responsibility.

Select [Install Now], the device will reboot into upgrade mode, the whole process takes a few minutes, during which you do not do anything to avoid upgrade failure.

¿Qué tecnología no debe faltar en tu próximo móvil?

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  • Carga inalámbrica

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  • Carga ultra rápida

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  • 5G

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  • Al menos 3 cámaras principales

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  • Sensor TOF

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  • Lector de huellas

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  • Pantalla flexible

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