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upgrade SD Card 16 GB to 64 GB (sorry for the english...)

Tema en 'Zopo ZP900 MT6577' iniciado por josecostalima, 28 Mar 2013.

  1. josecostalima

    josecostalima Simdualero de Bronce

      28 Mar 2013

      First sorry for the english but is easier for me do describe it (I think it's prefarable to the portuguese)...

      I'm having trouble with an upgrade of my SD card I getting no help from any forum, Z:tonguewink:opo included, so just please bear with me...

      I have a ZOPO ZP900 with a 16 GB SD card and just bought a SANDISK Ultra 64 GB micro SDXC class 10 UHS-1 that was recommended in a thread in a ZOPO forum that went "dead" for maintenance a few days ago...
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      Apparently all was well. I reformatted the new SD card on the phone, copied all the data on the old 16 GB to the new 64 GB without problems. Did also some auto updates from the Google Store in between.

      After that a gmail App update (and others) couldn't be installed because of insufficient storage space... I have a dual partition internal memory space as reported by settings/storage (2,5 GB and 83 MB total space; free 1,58 GB and 79 MB respectively) and a 64 GB SD card (59,36 GB total memory, free 46,34 GB).

      So I tried to clear all caches, history, etc. Tried to move apps to SD card (same error). Therefore I tried the inverse. To choose the option to install first on the internal memory the gmail app, this time with success.

      Now I've narrowed the problem to the SD card. Although reported as full memory and space available as referred above either in android system or Android Assistant App or Adao File Manager App, I cannot install anything on the card. The camera stores new photos on the card without any problems, so I think it's some other situation... The SD card reads an writes all types of files from within apps or otherwise.

      I didn't need to move the apps. They were already installed in the SD card. I formated the new one inside the Zopo (to be properly formated and compatible with the 64 GB option of ZOPO) and copyed all the files hidden or otherwise from the old card to the new card. All the apps installed in the SD card work well. They just don't install updates on the ones installed in the SD card. You have to install the updates (and the app) in internal memory.

      I found out that the second internal memory partition of the ZOPO (in my case just circa 80 MB) has some files from an install in it. This appears in Android (not in all apps) as SD2 card mount. It should be empty has I recall. I deleted those files.

      Maybe when I switched the cards there was an update to a an app that was installed in this partition by default since the SD card mount wasn't available. And since then the SD card changed the memory space pointing to this mount instead (this has no space) Just guessing... sigh...

      Tried also to Clear Partition Cache and Dalvik Cahe with CWM recovery and nothing...

      Also, I get an error "/dev/block/mmcblk1p2: device not found" in LINK2SD app.

      With "DiskInfo" I get :

      FAT mmcblk0p6 (/mnt/sdcard2) 83,2MB
      SD card mmcblk1p1 (/mnt/sdcard) 59,5 GB

      Is the /dev/block/mmcblk1p2 the ID for the partition of the previous SD 16 GB card? How to correct this (without flashing and reseting the phone, please...)

      Any help from experts would be appreciated. (If I could at least have access to the original post concerning the 64 GB cards compatibility user tests...)

      Can anyone help me??? (and yes I extensively searched here and other places for info, but none appears to be related specifically to my problem...)

      I tried to insertt the 16 GB card and the apps install well in it... sigh...

      Thanks in advance

    • josecostalima

      josecostalima Simdualero de Bronce

        28 Mar 2013
        no one? help please...
      • flufy_tendo

        flufy_tendo Ajuste de nivel +5 Simdualero de Diamante

        • Cocinero Android
        • Veteran@
        25 Dic 2012
        no sorry. You should format with 32gb only. I have no idea
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