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XiaoMi killer Pantech Vega A800S SKY 4G LTE

Tema en 'Xiaomi' iniciado por Torrejonero, 30 Sep 2013.

  1. Torrejonero

    Torrejonero Simdualero de Bronce

      14 Sep 2013
      Muy buenas compañeros de Foro, he estado buscándome un teléfono baratito para empezar a trastear y aprender con esto del rooteo y demás, y me he encontrado eon este movil, no encuentro referencias sobre el, asi que a ver que os parece y si alguno me puede decir si realmente es un movil que merece la pena y si opera en 4g com parece que anuncian..

      XiaoMi killer Pantech Vega A800S SKY 4G LTE

      Manufacturer Pantech
      The SKY VEGA LTE is really a high-end Phone. LTE; Live is The Evolution.
      Only available in S.Korea. Four versions for the 3 Korean carriers.
      All with NFC chip.

      CPU+Clock: 1500 MHz
      CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060
      Browse devices based on this microprocessor
      RAM:capacity: 1 GiB
      ROM;capacity: 15.2 GiB
      Display:Type: color ASV TFT , 16777216 scales
      Display_Diagonal: 4.5 "
      Display-Resolution: 800 x 1280
      Video_out: 1920x1080 (1080p) resolution
      Microphone(s): mono
      Loudspeaker(s): Supported
      Audi:(utput: 3.5mm
      Cellular+Networks: GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, UMTS2100 (B1)
      Cellular-Data-Links: GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA+
      Call:Alert: 64 -chord melody
      Vibrating_Alert: Supported
      Speakerphone-: Supported
      Dual;Cellular+Network+Operation: Parallel operation
      Secondary-Cellular;Networks: LTE850 (B5), LTE1800 (B3)
      Secondary+Cellular_Data:Links: LTE
      Positioning+Device: Multi-touch screen
      Primary-Keyboard: Not supported
      Directional-Pad: Not supported
      Scroll+Wheel: Not supported
      Expansion-Slots: microSD, microSDHC, TransFlash
      USB: USB 2.0 client, 480Mbit/s
      Bluetooth: Bluetooth 3.0
      Wireless+LAN: 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n
      Infrared+Gate: Not supported
      Analog:Radio-Receiver: Not supported
      Digital;Media_Broadcast;Tuner: T-DMB
      Built-in_GPS+module: Supported
      Complementary:GPS+Services: Assisted GPS, QuickGPS, Geotagging
      Main-Camera: 8 MP
      Autofocus_(AF): Supported
      Optical+Zoom: 1 x
      Macro-Mode: Supported
      Built-in-Flash: mobile light (LED)
      Secondary;Camera: 1.3 MP
      Built-in-accelerometer: Supported
      Battery: removable
      Battery:Capacity: 1830 mAh

      SKT ?- VEGA LTE ?? IM-A800S

      Vega LTE, has just become very official. In addition to 4G support, the phone features a dual-core 1.5GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM and a 4.5-inch display with a whopping 1280 x 800 resolution. Take a moment to savor that last part. Gingerbread is at the core of this large-and-in-charge beauty, which also includes an 8 megapixel auto-focus camera that captures video at 1080p, an LED flash, a 1.3MP front-facing shooter and 16GB of built-in storage. An 1830mAh battery powers the slab, which measures just 9.35mm thin and weighs 135.5g (4.8oz). Rounding out the internals, users will benefit from A-GPS, 802.11n, NFC and terrestrial DMB -- that last one is specifically for the home crowd. With specs like these, we can only hope a domestic version makes its journey across the Pacific.


      1.5GHz Dual Core CPU speed and the country?s fastest DDR2 memory to mount the first to implement a faster memory speed Pentium speed and usability of consumer offers.

      Add a new tab and the tab category by providing the ability to quickly screen can be moved and you want access to the site is easy.
      When the final zoom in the browser, go to the preview screen, and tabs at the bottom of the page provides a history of previous / next page provides the ability to easily move.

      Existing ties with SKY Music Player + Melon Music Player features have been upgraded further. Music player MelOn in real-time, weekly, and can leverage ilganchateu information, SNS are listening to music, sound, or when you want to share MelOn YouTube video URL can be attached. In addition to its association with MelOn lyrics, album information, to provide additional information including:

      In addition to the 16GB internal memory with SKYme Cloud Storage 16GB of storage space to provide two times.
      SKYme service, photos, address book, the characters can be freely shared with friends, Vega LTE own motion recognition feature can quickly and easily upload pictures.

      SPEC List
      product_spec_tit_34 (0). gif standard criteria
      132.9 x 71.4 x 9.35 (mm, Black base).
      138.3g (White), 135.3g (Black)
      product_spec_tit_35 (0). gif White, Black
      product_spec_tit_36.gif large-screen (11.43cm) Compact design, implement and apply the hagodo to provide a sense of the Good Grip.
      product_spec_tit_02.gif WXGA
      WXGA (1280 * 800, 100 pixel) LCD by applying a high-definition wide-screen you can enjoy a variety of multimedia.
      1680 ten thousand color
      Font / Size
      12 different font support vector fonts (gwangsuche, Gothic, myeongjoche, Sky block Luce, byeolheneun bamche, gwangsupporiche Android default typeface, bareunsaenghwalche, byeolsatangche, syabanggongjuche, cheongchunyeongache, Sky Serif ) according to the characteristics of the customer support you can set the font.
      product_spec_tit_03.gif 8M AF CMOS Camera With Flash
      800 million pixel built-in LED flash and provides
      Touch the location you want to focus, and motion detection auto focus (AF) is activated.
      Has been optimized for a variety of shooting situations with the recording mode (Normal, Portrait, Landscape, Indoor, Sport, Night, Beach, Snow, Sunset, Text, Fireworks), take a right to edit and share them with your friends may

      0523.gif up to HD 1080P (1920X1080) recording is possible. Would you like to hold your memories in high resolution can be
      product_spec_tit_05.gif Android OS is based on the design of OS Default Style Stylish & Emotion GUI of the White Theme provides a glance at the long-term use has been to minimize the burden.
      product_spec_tit_27.gif T-DMB
      Equipped with T-DMB realistic anywhere you can enjoy TV and music. Earphone Ant. And gender Ant. You can optionally use.
      product_spec_tit_07.gif DivX support, Dolby Sound Effect, 1,080 P Full HD, 3.5mm jack
      DivX, Xvid, AC3, DTS, and supports a wide variety of codecs without having to convert separate conveniently 16:09 You can enjoy high-quality video.
      In addition, 3.5mm jack provided by the user without the use of gender as a separate earpieces you can enjoy as a high-quality, Qsound sound effects can be experienced as a living.
      Built-in truetone
      Truetone sounds and a variety of genres and Dual speaker 3D sound offer can be enjoyed in a lively melody.
      home.gif concept
      Widget and the shortcut in a variety of applications by offering users the freedom to build, depending on orientation space. Decorate according to user needs can be placed freely in the menu structure registered as a shortcut to frequently used functions, and provides a path for quick access.
      Weather information and the SNS, RSS, clock, calendar, Web bookmarks, and settings via Widget can be found in real-time information you need.
      Key Features
      - Icons hidden mode: the screen with two fingers raised to the screen, the icon, then drag it out of hiding in a wide-screen picture you can enjoy the convenience of
      -Shortcut: the Home screen, built-in menu, icons as well as applications downloaded from Market and can be set as a shortcut to the desired screen.
      -All programs screen an existing page, scroll down, scroll left or right way to improve the way you?ve downloaded an app you can quickly find and manage menu, move, delete, select the menu features a page for each app you want to move in, you can manage. In addition, the skin of the menu icons can be changed by selecting the desired type.
      - Provides a variety of widgets: widgets, one of several functions by providing the information you want directly from the home screen could not be easier to determine.
      - Executing function widget: shows the currently executing function, managed through the ability to run easily to exit the program can help prevent unnecessary execution of the program.
      - Weather widget: National and regional weather wifi neighborhood by providing real-time weather information can be confirmed.
      - World Clock Widget: time and weather in cities around the world can be easily identified
      -SNS Manager widgets: me2day twitter applications and real-time update of the widget manager can check the article.
      -RSS widget: RSS Reader functionality of the various media and news information in real time is possible.
      - Web bookmark widget: Check your browser bookmarked sites, you can access.
      Friends-SKY: SKY Friends often listed as 10 people to contact, call or letter can be sent immediately leave convenience.
      In addition to ranking SKY, SKY music, neon signs, Wordbook, calendar, notepad, World Clock, clock, album, etc. You can choose various widgets.
      Home Screen Mode Concept
      Depending on your situation, by the Home screen background screen background screen, multi-convenient to use functionality and set the background image to be set up quickly and simple structure has been improved.
      In addition, widgets, shortcuts, and settings you want by category, provided by placing shortcuts, widgets, edited and stored to be used to provide functionality.
      Features Home Screen Mode
      Seven of the order of the Home screen, you can delete, edit, and edit mode. Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose a collection of widgets and shortcuts to home screen mode, Social, entertain, education, business, travel, sky 6 species by providing a selection of each other depending on the situation at once, it is convenient to do.
      Mappy equipped with a smart 3D navigation using 3D and features real-time traffic information (TPEG), voice search, WiFi via convenient features such as map updates are available.
      SKY Books
      Various bookstores and e-library is linked content (books, magazines and comics) Search for or purchase, and that you have purchased or rented content or other content (E-pub, TXT, ZIP) integrating App. Viewable within You can.
      Running SKY
      Language, secondary education, higher education, general education content integrated life App. To download or can be enjoyed in real time.
      Polaris Office
      In various MS Office documents without having to convert the file can be edited freely or easily.
      File Explorer features, and written documents in connection with the printer Printing is also available.
      SKY Planner
      Synchronization with Google Calendar has a possible structure, the day cleaning up and a tour of his diary to help parents, birthday, memorial, a family inclined to help and do not forget the anniversary can be used easily and conveniently.
      National weather and the neighborhood?s weekly forecast and local weather can be set, and real-time widget set is now available on the Home screen.
      SNS Manager
      Twitter, Me2Day use of multiple accounts and users, taking into account the selected account and writing a user-written applications, integrated management, and offers the ability to register.
      Twitter Social Network Service representative by providing applications, rapid acquisition of information and different opinions with people around the exchange, information sharing, networking and terminal functions are available from the formation.
      Social Network Service representative me2day applications, providing an online environment for domestic service and various opinions with others around the same exchange, information sharing, networking and terminal functions are available from the formation.
      SKY Movies
      A wide variety of codecs (DivX, XviD, AC3, DTS) provides a player that supports the conversion without a separate video capabilities are available. 1080P Full HD Contents of is available in the City Hall.
      RSS Reader
      Internet, newspapers, blogs, etc. If you add wepmidieodeuleul addresses can be easily subscribe. Subscribed content also provides the ability to keep separate the, favorite article can be kept for a long time.
      Pandora TV
      Pandora TV easily for viewing the contents of the category by category to provide a wide variety of multimedia content.
      Blog Notes
      Word as input and editing environment provides a variety of characters, and various blogs and articles written in conjunction with sns services can be deployed.
      Electronic Dictionary
      Split supported the view younghanyoung tablet dedicated to UX, is simultaneous support for pre , heading to the Speaker (US / UK), examples Speech (TTS) is supported, a variety of search features (words, phrases, examples, as Hangul , spell search) to support and cradle, and rote learning, learning capabilities to support a variety of dictation.
      Smart Notes
      Read a bar code or QR code, and a variety of information to quickly identify the telephone directory, bookmarks, and generate your own QR code can be shared.
      Subway map
      Information transfer stations have been added, and the pop-up directly through the touch without having to enter the station name via a simple Touch yeokgeomsaek, path search, you can easily see yeokjeongbo. In addition, even sleeping on the subway at the time set by the user arrival alarm feature to wake sleeping are supported.
      product_spec_tit_20.gif notepad
      Phone number, URL, and a convenient way to save currency, you can even connect a web page.
      Document Viewer
      Various documentation files (the Hangul, WORD, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, TXT, etc.) can be found directly without conversion from MS.
      RSS Reader
      Internet, newspapers, blogs, etc. If you add wepmidieodeuleul addresses can be easily subscribe. Subscribed content also provides the ability to keep separate the, favorite article can be kept for a long time.
      Blog Notes
      Word as input and editing environment provides a variety of characters, and various blogs and articles written in conjunction with sns services can be deployed.
      Frequently visited web pages can be managed on a per-folder basis.

      Message storage: 400
      Bin USIM messages: 20
      t_wifi.gif Wi-Fi b / g / n
      Wi-Fi b / g / n support up faster than you can enjoy wireless Internet access.
      FMC (VoIP)
      Sign up for VoIP in Wi-Fi zone to dial the Internet as a cheap call rates can make calls.
      Tethering (Internet sharing service).
      Android 2.3 version to support 3G Tethering Android phone connected to a Wi-Fi AP utilizes multiple wireless access devices will have the ability to share.
      Media Links
      Media content to wireless (Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi direct) directly to a TV or a PC that can be viewed by sending streaming media links (DLNA / uPnP) features.

      Talk: Approximately 348 minutes
      Video calls: Approximately 149 minutes
      Standby time (Wi-Fi ON): 169
      Standby time (Wi-Fi OFF): 184
      -BT ON
      Talk: 353 minutes
      Standby time: 183 hours
      - When the screen is on
      TDMB: 314
      Camera: 202 minutes
      Games: 151 minutes
      VOD: 348
      product_spec_tit_23.gif 16 GB internal memory
      - Program installation space: 800MB
      - Built-in SD Memory Space: 11.93GB
      - Base system installation and backup space: 3GB
      - Cloud Stroage 16GB
      - External Memory Slot offers
      External Memory Slot
      a large microSD Memory Slot supports can play a wide variety of multimedia content.
      product_spec_tit_24.gif Standard Battery (BAT-7100M)
      Battery Cover
      Battery Charge Cradle (BTC-500)
      Stereo ear microphone (EM-1700)
      Data Manager Cable (IMCBL-1700)
      Charging Adapter (TA-110)
      Terrestrial antenna (TAT-170 (R))
      Simple Guide
      Safety Manual
      product_spec_tit_25 (0). gif pie gender (TRP-230 / TRP-240)
      Car adapter (CLA-200)
      MHL gender (TRP-500)

      lo he visto en esta pagina
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    • pirracas77

      pirracas77 Simdualero de Diamante

      • Veteran@
      31 May 2010
      En algún punto del planeta
      No parece dual sim.
    • Jlmlkl

      Jlmlkl VIP+

      • Veteran@
      4 Feb 2013
      Cuidado con ese móvil, es más falso que los clones.
      No es un xiaomi ni es un pantech vega. Yo ni lo intentaba.
      Compra mejor un Haier W910, pasa por el subforo de los qualcomm y veras,. En geekbuying lo tienes por unos 105 €.

      Enviado desde mi W8s usando Tapatalk
    • bonipoti

      bonipoti Simdualero de Bronce

        13 Jun 2013
        Es falso por el vendedor o porque los A800S que se están vendiendo en Aliexpress no son originales?
        Yo tengo un A850S (R3 Vega Racer) desde hace un par de meses, comprado en Aliexpress (a otro vendedor, eso sí) y no he detectado que sea falso...

        Ahora estoy esperando un par de A800S comprados al mismo vendedor al que le compré el A850s, y a ver qué tal...

        • Divertido Divertido x 1
        • Torrejonero

          Torrejonero Simdualero de Bronce

            14 Sep 2013
            gracias por el comentario, tendre mas cuidado, pero puse el post porque me sorprendió el precio del teléfono y no encontraba ninguna referencia sobre el, gracias
          • Torrejonero

            Torrejonero Simdualero de Bronce

              14 Sep 2013
              de momento me he decantado por algo mas barato, un doogee dg200, es mi primera compra de un movil chino y quiero algo para trastear y no perder mucho dinero si meto la pata con el rooteo (no tengo ni idea de como se hace, pero he visto tutoriales muy completos en el foro), ya os contare como me ha salido
            • rbngimeno

              rbngimeno Simdualero de Bronce

                20 Ago 2012
                Buenas tardes,

                Acabo de comprar dos A800S en aliexpress, espero no haberme equivocado ni en la compra ni con el vendedor, me puedes decir a que vendedor le has comprado los A850S y A800S y a qué precio, por favor?

                Muchas gracias.
              • jman0

                jman0 Simdualero de Diamante

                • Veteran@
                20 Dic 2010
                Vizcaya, España
                ¿Os habéis dado cuenta de que ese vendedor pone en el anuncio que son teléfonos usados? uy uy uy...
              • rbngimeno

                rbngimeno Simdualero de Bronce

                  20 Ago 2012
                  Buenos días,

                  Si, yo no lo voy a comprar a ese vendedor, aún así me parece muy responsable que alguien diga que el estado del teléfono sea usado, para que luego no haya ningún comprador que se queje porque recibe un teléfono que no es nuevo.
                  No veo la alarma en una venta totalmente legítima, yo he vendido cosas por internet que son usadas a menor precio y nadie ha puesto el grito en el cielo, pero como son chinos y mienten mucho....
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