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zp900 just arrived

Tema en 'Zopo ZP900 MT6577' iniciado por giufalanga, 29 Oct 2012.

  1. giufalanga

    giufalanga Simdualero de Bronce

      29 Oct 2012
      Hi all,

      I just received the Zopo zp900! I must say that it looks really good terminal, both as solidity as a feature.

      I think it has little to envy the phones from 600 Euro (famous brands)
      is truly spectacular .. throughout ... the only thing one step below the mean is:

      The 8 megapixel camera, and I think they are real but not at the level of sony, Samsung or HTC.

      The display, is very beautiful, better than I expected, but slightly worse when you tilt the display.

      Overall I consider the Zopo zp900 a great smartphone, his money all worth it.

      I'm still looking for how to increase the application memory.
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    • Elmafioso90

      Elmafioso90 Simdualero de Diamante

      • Veteran@
      3 Sep 2012
      Take a look around the forums, our fellow @darevixdarevix is doing an awesome job with his custom ROM. Just follow the steps and enjoy. Pretty straightforward.

      I guess you are not too much into Spanish language so you can ask us for support in English (not sure if mods would allow this, though!) if you have any questions, anyway.

      Hope you enjoy the phone. Regards.
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    • giufalanga

      giufalanga Simdualero de Bronce

        29 Oct 2012
        I just installed the ROM through CWM DRX_1.3.3

        I must say that it looks really good rom, very light and fluid.

        Thank you so much to all of you of the forum and especially congratulations to @ darevix!

      • wtl

        wtl Simdualero Junior

          5 Nov 2012
          thank you for review )
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