Se bloquea la pantalla del teléfono Elephone P3000S



Simdualero de Bronce
22 Dic 2014
Hola, tengo un Elephone P3000S y durante un año entero no me ha dado ningún problema. Pero hoy de repente se me ha bloqueado 4 veces. El caso es que la pantalla se queda completamente apagada y el led de notificaciones parpadea. Eso me hace pensar que el teléfono está encendido pero la pantalla bloqueada. Pulso todos los botones y no hace absolutamente nada.

Me toca quitar la batería y reiniciar y funciona bien. Aunque en el día de hoy ya me lo ha hecho 4 veces.

¿Alguien sabe a que puede ser debido?

Muchas gracias por vuestro tiempo


Simdualero de Plata
10 Sep 2012
A mi también me lo ha hecho alguna vez, pero muy esporádicamente. Yo lo puedo reiniciar sin quitar la batería, pero jode bastante cuando te pasa.


Simdualero de Bronce
22 Dic 2014
Por lo que he estado investigando en un problema conocido:

Cito un artículo que he encontrado por ahí:

The Sleep of Death (SOD)
"The Sleep of Death, more commonly known as SOD in the Android community, is the complete opposite of a Wakelock. This is a situation where the Android device does enter deep sleep, but after a while in deep sleep, it never wakes up. The worst part is even you try to manually wake it up by pressing any buttons or the power key, the device remains completely asleep and useless. This is characterized by a mirror image of the “Awake” and “Screen On” stats in your battery record.

Se bloquea la pantalla del teléfono Elephone P3000S

The only way to get out of a SOD is to restart the device either by a long press of the power button, which is Android’s failsafe reboot key, or by removing then reinserting the battery of an Android device with a removable battery. Either way, if the SOD happens again, you are likely to be screwed by one of the many factors that can lead to a SOD.

Pinpointing the cause of a SOD is the greatest headache. You are probably better off wiping and installing a different ROM in the meantime. SODs can come from problems with the kernel, problems with Android tweaks, problems with an app, or even problems with the device’s radios. The cause varies widely from device and ROM type.

How to fix:
The first thing you should try in order to fix the SOD is pretty much the same as a wakelock – to uninstall the apps that you recently updated or installed before the issue happened. Remember to be systematic and remove them one by one while testing if the device will be able to go to deep sleep without that app.

If that doesn’t work, it may also be a kernel problem. Try to reinstall the kernel you are using. If that also fails, try another one and remember that the best is always the stock version in cases where custom kernels just won’t work the way you want them to.

If changing the kernel doesn’t help, a full reinstallation of the ROM and kernel is your next best bet. Take note that this may involve losing data from your device, so backup accordingly. If the custom ROM you are using is still acting up after a full wipe and reinstallation, try a different ROM or go back to stock in the meantime for maximum stability."
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