CHOLLO ACTIVO 62 Cursos Udemy (HTML, CSS, Python, Excel, Java, SEO, etc.) GRATIS

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Nueva recopilación de 62 cursos completamente gratis por tiempo limitado (añadelos antes de que expiren los cupones ya aplicados) y en inglés. Temáticas como HTML, CSS, Python, Excel, Java, SEO, Data Science, Agile Project, C Programming, IT Job, Cyber Security, etc.

  1. Business Analytics Course 2020
  2. HTML & CSS – Certification Course for Beginners
  4. A Motivational Course For Teachers 31 Days of Teacher Praise
  5. Intro To Marketing For Small Businesses Course.
  6. How To Learn English and + On Your Own Using The Internet
  7. How To Write Headlines Like The Copywriting Masters
  8. Learn 23 Ways to Make Money Online with Your Smartphone!
  9. How to create a profitable magazine with Google Slides
  10. Microsoft Excel from Zero: Functions, Formulas & Shortcuts
  11. Master Hiring & Interview Skills for Recruiting the Best Fit
  12. After effects Fundamental: Learn after effects For Beginners
  13. Amazon AWS EC2 LEMP + Host Multiple Domains on One Server
  14. Java Programming: Complete Beginner to Advanced
  15. Disappear Stress Forever as easily as possible
  16. Linear Circuits 1 – 02 – Voltage Sources
  17. Some Python Modules to Create AI Projects
  18. Accounting, Bookkeeping & Financial Statements: Zero to Pro
  19. Business & Corporate Finance Fundamentals, & DCF Valuation
  20. Microsoft Excel from Zero: Functions, Formulas & Shortcuts
  21. Microsoft Excel for Finance & Accounting
  22. Webscraping : Python Beautiful Soup Web scraping Bootcamp
  23. [181 questions] Interview Questions and Answer on Python
  24. Executive Data Storytelling
  25. Fine tuning life – How to lead a successful & balanced life.
  26. Learn HTML from Basic
  27. Learn to create online surveys and quizzes in Google Forms
  28. SEO Off Page – Beginners to PRO guide 2020
  29. Build a Successful Ecommerce WordPress site with proper SEO
  30. Become A Certified Web Developer From Scratch
  31. Vulnerability Analysis IOS App Ethical Hacking Course
  32. Android Ethical Hacking Course
  33. System Hacking Course For Ethical Hackers
  34. Agile Project Management 200+ Tools with Kanban Scrum Devops
  35. [630 questions] PMP 6th SIMULATION Practical Exam by Jamil Faraj
  36. Project Time & Budget Control using EVM tool
  37. Payload Ethical Hacking Course
  38. The Data Science Course 2020 Q2 Updated: Part 3
  39. The Data Science Course 2020 Q2 Updated: Part 4 > Python & R
  40. The Absolute Beginners Guide to Cyber Security Part 3
  41. The Absolute Beginners Guide to Cyber Security Part 2
  42. The Absolute Beginners Guide to Cyber Security and Hacking
  43. The Absolute Beginners Guide to Cyber Security Part 1
  44. Vedic Mathematics: The Ancient Art of Superfast Calculations
  45. Developing Effective Time Management Habits
  46. Working with Aggressive People
  47. Using Emotional Intelligence on the Job
  48. Getting Results by Building Relationships
  49. United Nations Jobs Guide
  50. C Programming On Windows For Beginners
  51. x86 Assembly Language Programming Masters Course
  52. Python Complete Course For Python Beginners
  53. YouTube Marketing: Become a Digital TV Star in Your Niche
  54. You Can Deliver a TED-Style Talk Presentation (Unofficial)
  55. Public Speaking: You Can be a Great Speaker within 24 Hours
  56. The Complete Telecommuting Course – Remote Work – Work Life
  57. The Complete IT Job Search Course – Land Your Dream IT Job
  58. The Complete Growth Mindset Course – The Mindset for Success
  59. Complete Goal Achievement Course – Personal Success Goals
  60. Complete Google Slides Course – Create Stunning Slides
  61. Complete Hypnosis Weight Loss Course – Dieting Psychology
  62. The Complete Brain Training Course – Neuroplasticity –

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