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ROM OFICIAL Flyme 2016-8-12 mx4 pro

Tema en 'Desarrollo Meizu MX4 Pro: root, ROMs, recovery...' iniciado por javielchispas, 23 Ago 2016.

  1. javielchispas

    javielchispas Simdualero de Oro

      20 May 2016
      Flyme-MX4 Pro (Global)


      Removed GMS from the system. (Users can install them from Hot Apps or App Store.)
      Added a feature to take long screenshots. (Long press volume key and power buttons)
      Added a Weather app.
      Added Hot Apps.
      Added App Store.
      Optimized the Setup Wizard.
      Optimized the home screen layout.
      Improved the system translations.
      Added multiwindow support for more apps.
      Fixed a WhatsApp message receiving failure which occurred when theapplication was running in background. (Three solutionsare available: a. Clear the App data; b. remove the user data when updating the firmware; or c. go to Security > Power > Settings and disable “No linked launch when standby”.)
      Fixed an issue where Google Play Games couldn’t function properly.
      Fixed an issue where the account signup screen was displayed in Chinese.
      Fixed the inaccurate battery percentage displayed when the phone was being charged.
      Fixed an overheating issue which occurred when the phone was being charged.
      Fixed an issue where a received notification message would disappear when the user pulled down the notification bar afterun locking the device.

      Lock screen
      Corrected a lock screen error caused by third-party apps.
      Fixed a failure to dismiss an alarm from the Lock screen.
      Added a feature to allow accidental touch rejection when the locked screen is waken up.
      Reduced the time to launch the camera from theLock screen.
      Adjusted the unlock prompt at the bottom of the Lock screen so that it will be hidden when an album cover art is shown on thescreen.

      Added a configuration option to display largericons on the Home screen.

      Added a “title” field to contact information.
      Added a new feature to copy a number by tapping and holding a call log.
      Doogee Aliexpress Ofertas
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      Added a feature for users to save an edited photo as a new image.

      Setup Wizard
      Optimized the language setting, network setting and Flyme account signup/login screens.

      Improved the photo taking experience and increased the processing speed.
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