Kuphone S9


Simdualero de Oro
15 Jul 2012
otro de estos moviles iguales al iphone 4/4s
aparentemente en menos de 24hs sale a la preventa

KuPhone S9 (S9 cool front) is a cool front science and technology limited
company in 2012 launched a new homemade independent research and development of
dual intelligent mobile phone, the mobile phone is the biggest and the world
high-end intelligent mobile phone brand integration. Beautiful appearance,
superior configuration, are comparable to the world's best international
intelligent mobile phone, so that other domestic mobile phone to approach
somebody's greatness. KuPhone S9 (S9 cool front) with the new Android OS 4
smartphone operating system, using ARMCortex-A9 structure dual-core processor,
CPU frequency of up to 1.2GHz, run 4GB ROM+1GB RAM memory, looking domestic
mobile phone field, one branch alone beautiful.

KuPhone S9 (S9 cool front fuselage details): KuPhone S9 (S9 mobile phone cool
front) in the main screen is arranged below the "home" button, the frame with
space aluminum alloy for lumber, fuselage will be embedded into one. Mobile
phone is arranged at the lower end of 30-pin dock interface and built-in speaker
and microphone, the top has a 3.5 mm stereo headphone mini-jack and set to open,
close, sleep, wake up as one of the key. Mobile phone left three keys,
respectively, the functions are: one-key mute, and volume and reduce the

KuPhone S9 (cool front: KuPhone S9 (S9) system for cool front S9) mobile
phone system is used in the original Android 4 and the depth of customization
apple IOS experience combining system, integration of the Android system and IOS
system has all the advantages of Android 4, especially for use dual-core and
multi-core processing device featured special mobile phone optimization, give
full play to the performance of cpu.

KuPhone S9 (cool front processor: KuPhone S9 (S9) cool front S9) mobile phone
used by Taiwan MediaTek processor is the production company mtk6577, frequency
of 1.0-1.2G Cortex A9 dual-core. GPU: PowerVR SGX531 overclocking version,
support for high resolution WXGA (1440*900), display support 1080P/30fps video
recording and playback, a top support 1600W camera, camera. Support for high
resolution WXGA can be used to support plate, single mode HSPA+ network,
download speed is 14 Mbps, the upload speed up to 5.6Mbps, support GSM, GPRS and
EDGE built in eighth generation GPS engine, with separate GPS and GPS helper

KuPhone S9 (S9 how cool front) Summary: KuPhone S9 (cool front S9) mobile
phone's main contribution is to achieve the domestic high-end mobile phone, to
fill the domestic blank without independent high-end brand mobile phone. KuPhone
S9 (S9 cool front) use fine steel material + tempered glass panels, adding seven
kinds of color elements, performed the world's first intelligent multiple
options for mobile phone. The relative number of mobile phone manufacturers
focus on mobile phone sales comparison, KuPhone S9 (S9 cool front) pay more
attention to the user experience, both the interface or feel that exhibits the
best effect.

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Simdualero de Bronce
19 Sep 2012
¿Alguien sabe algo más de este móvil?.

¿Qué móvil sería el más parecido o mejor al iphone 4S?.