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HILO OFICIAL Atención al cliente 1949deal: dudas, problemas, preguntas, opiniones, pedidos

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  1. 1949deal

    1949deal Comercial

      27 Mar 2014
      It's been a month since the celebration of MIUI's 5th birthday and the launch of Redmi Note 2, Xiaomi is bringing along another surprise today. Yes, Mi 4c it is. This device will be a new model of Mi 4 series and will definitely be different from what we have till now. Mi 4, the first variant of this series, is powered by a Snapgragon quad-core 2.5GHz processor and featured with a 5-inch Sharp/ JDI color-saturation screen, with Sony 13MP/ 8MP cameras coming along. Mi 4i, which was launched by Xiaomi in India initially, is now going internationally to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.
      And it is time to unveil Mi 4c now. Mi 4c has a USB Type-C port and is powered by Snapdragon 808 processor. In regarding to the camera, Mi 4c is equipped with a 5 MP 85° wide angle front facing camera, which will enable 6-7 people to take group photos together. Will it come to other countries or only be available in China? We will keep you updated with further details of the launch event and have a live thread on that day. Please stay tuned.
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      Key words of Mi 4c
      - light
      - thin
      - big battery
      - flagship specifications
      - low power dissipation
      - USB Type-C port- 5 MP front facing camera

      en.miui.com_static_image_smiley_comcom_3. en.miui.com_static_image_smiley_comcom_3. en.miui.com_static_image_smiley_comcom_3.

      1 day left
      What does c mean? I don't know yet.
      en.miui.com_static_image_smiley_comcom_5. en.miui.com_static_image_smiley_comcom_5.
      Mi 4c will come with a 5 MP 85°wide angle front camera. en.miui.com_data_attachment_forum_201509_21_104619ks58sdoso858h9zf..thumb.
      Dual SIM Card, Dual Standby
      2 days left
      New device, new color and new packaging.

      3 days left
      Tap the screen twice. See what happens?
      Mi 4c has a USB- Type C port.

      4 days left
      Lower down the power dissipation and make it a flagship

      5 days left
      Bigger battery and compact design

      en.miui.com_static_image_smiley_comcom_2. What does a little prince look like on your mind? en.miui.com_static_image_smiley_comcom_2.
      Join me in this thread and start the adventure of space voyage.
    • 1949deal

      1949deal Comercial

        27 Mar 2014
        5$ discount code:1949deal2013
      • 1949deal

        1949deal Comercial

          27 Mar 2014
          New Arrival:Lenovo VIBE P1

          - Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 Octa Core 1.5GHz

          - 3GB RAM 16GB ROM

          - 13MP Main Camera 5MP Front Camera

          - Support 4G LTE,Fingerprint ID, OTG, GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth, Multilanguage, etc.

          - 5000mAh Battery

          Search results for: 'Lenovo VIBE P1'

          www.1949deal.com_media_wysiwyg_2015_9_lenovo_vibe_p1_1. www.1949deal.com_media_wysiwyg_2015_9_lenovo_vibe_p1_2. www.1949deal.com_media_wysiwyg_2015_9_lenovo_vibe_p1_3. www.1949deal.com_media_wysiwyg_2015_9_lenovo_vibe_p1_4.
        • 1949deal

          1949deal Comercial

            27 Mar 2014
            Ulefone Paris large quantity in stock !!!
            - MTK6753 Octa Core 1.3GHz

            - 2GB RAM 16GB ROM

            - 5.0 Inch 1280 * 720 Pixel HD IPS Screen

            - 13.0 MP Rear Camera 5.0 MP Front Camera

            - Support 4G, OTG

            www.1949deal.com_media_wysiwyg_2015_8_ulefone_paris_1. www.1949deal.com_media_wysiwyg_2015_8_ulefone_paris_4. www.1949deal.com_media_wysiwyg_2015_8_ulefone_paris_5. www.1949deal.com_media_wysiwyg_2015_8_ulefone_paris_6.
          • 1949deal

            1949deal Comercial

              27 Mar 2014
              [Hot sale] UMI Fair
              - MTK6735 Qual Core 1.0GHz

              - 1GB RAM 8GB ROM

              - 13MP Main Camera 2MP Front Camera

              - Support 4G LTE, OTG

              Search results for: 'UMI Fair'
              www.1949deal.com_media_wysiwyg_2015_9_umi_fair_1_1_. www.1949deal.com_media_wysiwyg_2015_9_umi_fair_1_2_. www.1949deal.com_media_wysiwyg_2015_9_umi_fair_1_13_. www.1949deal.com_media_wysiwyg_2015_9_umi_fair_1_9_.

            • 1949deal

              1949deal Comercial

                27 Mar 2014
                $78.99!!Bluboo Xfire MTK6735M Quad Core 1.0GHz Android 5.1 Smartphone 1GB Ram 8GB Rom 5.0 Inch QHD Screen 4G Phone
                www.1949deal.com_media_wysiwyg_2015_9_bluboo_xfire_3. www.1949deal.com_media_wysiwyg_2015_9_bluboo_xfire_12.
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