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HILO OFICIAL hands on Cubot H1 specs, display, battery, review from

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      27 Mar 2014
      Today we will show you how the Cubot H1 performs in our tests.

      CUBOT H1 4G: Design and appearance
      When we first laid our eyes on CUBOT H1, the design and appearance appeared to be very generic, and it was extremely lightweight, so it sports a plastic build rather than a metallic one that most premium smartphones feature.

      The rear side of the smartphone is detachable and when you take it apart, you will clearly be able to view the two SIM card slots, along with a storage slot that allows you to expand your existing storage up to 32GB. CUBOT H1 also supports USB OTG without the need for you to root your device, which will void the warranty of the smartphone.

      Button placement is pretty straightforward, the power button is present on the right side of the smartphone, while the volume buttons are placed on the left. both the 3.5mm jack and microUSB charging port on the phone are present right at the top, and there is ample space in between them so that it does not cause obstruction or cable entanglement when both wires are simultaneously plugged in.
      The physical home button is replaced by three capacitive touch buttons that respond pretty accurately when you tap on them. Best of all, they do not delay the completion of their simple task.
      Even though the smartphone has a huge 5.5 inch display, it only incorporated a 720p display. While resolutions measuring at 1280 by 720 pixels do look gorgeous and are rich with color, they look better on smartphones that feature a smaller screen size, since the PPI density is higher on smaller screen sizes.

      There were also some plus points of the device. The visibility of the content was exceptional, and the display was extremely vibrant. Image quality would not decay if we tilted the screen, which shows that the company invested a great deal of effort in incorporating a very high quality display, just so we get the best possible viewing experience according to the price we pay.
      Even though CUBOT H1 features a resolution that is far less compared to a 1080p, but the device is running Android Lollipop 5.1, which can give us a silky smooth mobile computing experience when we started swiping our fingers on it.

      The stock interface is by far, much better in functionality as compared to what you normally get to see in Android handsets. Starting off, the interface is very simple in aesthetics and design and in order to deliver the most amount of performance, it features a flat design, with strong yet ‘not too flashy’ app icons that make the interface as smooth as butter and looks good on the eyes as well.
      For most consumers, having a smartphone that sports a very capable rear and front camera sensor is always a welcome feature. Despite the fact that the rear camera is only 8MP, it is still quite impressive in terms of the quality of images being snapped. The only thing that we missed having from the front camera sensor was that it was void of a LED flash, which would make images appear brighter in low light conditions.

      Camera samples have been given below:
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      CUBOT H1: Battery life measurement
      Let us come to second most important aspect of a smartphone after performance; total battery life. There are very few handsets that possess large battery capacities, and it appears that the company had invested all of its financial resources in a 5,200mAh battery, which is able to last us a little over 3 days.

      Hardware specifications
      Chipset: MediaTek MT6735
      Processor: Quad-core Cortex-A53 at 1.0GHz
      RAM: 2GB
      Memory: 16GB (supports a microSD storage card up to 32GB)
      Battery: 5,200mAh
      Display size: 5.5 inch IPS panel
      Screen resolution: 1280 x 720
      Charging port type: microUSB
      Final verdict

      After looking at each and every aspect of CUBOT H1, we have summarized the following scores below:
      Build Quality: 7 out of 10
      Appearance: 6 out of 10
      Button placement: 10 out of 10
      Interface experience: 10 out of 10
      Display quality: 7 out of 10
      Price/performance ratio: 7 out of 10
      Camera performance: 7 out of 10
      Battery performance: 10 out of 10

      CUBOT H1 has top notch interface, button placement, and battery performance. Performance was a little on the low side, but that is acceptable seeing as how an MT6735 SoC is present. All things said, if you have $145.99 in spare change remaining, then we highly recommend that you purchase this smartphone, especially if your primary concern is battery life.

      More Cubot H1 review please check our youtube
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