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Muy Buena ROM Eragon.....

Tema en 'Elephone P8000: root, ROMs, recovery y soporte' iniciado por goliator, 3 Nov 2015.

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  1. goliator

    goliator Simdualero de Oro

      12 Jun 2013

      Eragon una rom a tener en cuenta.

      [ROM] 2/11 Eragon v.5.6 | Android 5.1 | 20151014 |Google / AOSP |OTA | Hub | Mods | by skeleton1911 for Generic Device

      v5.6 OTA
      -changed settings icons back to original google source
      -themed into blue to match with my blue theme

      -fixed QS layout (for Gravitybox)
      -fixed add contact pictures
      -fixed init.d support (now it works!)
      -better battery results
      -themed frameworks
      -own unique settings icons
      -full french/german language in power menu
      -embed L Speed "overseer" (guide /explaining tomorrow )
      -added quickpic gallery
      -added google camera
      -removed htc port (its in post #2)
      -removed eragon appops
      -embed disable ipv6 (in settings / thx lennartschoch)
      -updated google playstore ( v 5.10.30 )
      -updated google services ( v 8.3.00 2353383-248)
      -updated google mail

      -merged with parts of 20151014 base
      -no app2sd
      -stagefright disabled in sub-system
      -added back stock musik (fixed BT issue)
      -fixed sms for dual sim
      -ported Htc Gallery (test)
      -ported Htc Camera (test)
      -bs player (for video codecs)
      -themed QS background and header again
      -seperate qs data icon
      -adaway embed into settings
      -removed weather v2 widgets and clock
      -own default rom wallpaper
      -updated cm browser
      -updated google calendar
      -updated desk clock
      -added platinum.ogg alarm sound back
      Doogee Aliexpress Ofertas
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      -fully deodexed :smile:
      -fixed led notification (not blinking for some users)
      -eragon appops embed in settings
      -supersu embed it settings
      -metal/stone quicksettings background
      -hopefully a bit stronger connection in mobile data
      -added cyanogenmod music eleven v2.0
      -removed muxic fx (use viper4a as an equalizer)
      -removed stock music
      -own brightness values
      -patched dialog boxes with a blue glow
      -some framework and system colors themed to blue
      -added german , french and dutch into power menu
      -removed center clock (will come as mod soon)
      -rebuild Ota service.
      -build.prop tweaks
      * smoother scrolling
      * disabled kernel checkin
      * better touch response
      -updated cm browser
      -updated nova launcher
      -updated sense v2 clock
      -updated google mail

      -embed parts of L speed (for performance and battery)
      -disabled signature check in system (service.jar)
      -center clock
      -removed carrier label from lockscreen
      -new bootanimation
      -own s-view case clock (digital and analog)
      -updated mixplorer
      -updated google services
      -system improvements
      -added back stock lock/unlock sounds
      -removed mtkLogger
      -removed simTool kit

      -merged with 20150909
      -fixed serveral bugs (for most users)
      -added v2 weather with clock widgets
      -changed to htc sounds (ringtone/notifications/alarms)
      -removed Hangouts

      -fixed sim card issue (hopefully)
      -fixed fingerprint

      -rebased to 20150907 release
      -fixed camera bug in 3rd party apps
      -new qs background (50% transparent)
      -removed the signal network icons (4g,3g,g,e)
      -build in OTA Option (eragon updater infos at "useful tips" )
      -build in skeleton's Hub
      -themed settings icons to black
      -added seeder
      -zipalgin on every app
      -hacked linker
      -disable USB Debugging
      -disable sending data and logging
      -right mount points (ext4)
      -updated gmail
      -updated power toggles
      -updated cm browser

      v 1.0
      -initial release
      -latest google service and apps
      -1 percent battery
      -nova launcher
      -cm browser
      -mixplorer (root)
      -ad away
      -init.d support
      -unsecured Boot.img
      -busybox run-parts
      -ramdisk tweaks
      -better battery / performance
      -and many more in codes
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      • vilicitano

        vilicitano No estoy loco mi madre me hizo pruebas. Simdualero de Diamante

        • Miembro de Honor
        • Veteran@
        27 Abr 2013
        Al otro lado de la pantalla.
        Buenas compi ya hay un hilo abierto con esta rom aquí

        CUSTOM ROM - Nueva Custom ROM para el P8000 ERAGON V 2.5 | Móviles Chinos y Tablets - Comunidad DualSIM

        Cerramos este hilo y continuamos allí . Víctor

        flymeando voy, flymeando vengo..
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