RECOVERY Pitch Black v.3.1.0 UNOFFICIAL | Stable Released: 20/03/'22


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Redmi Note 8, Mi Max2, Redmi Note 5
#PBRP #Unofficial #Recovery #Nitrogen
Pitch Black v.3.1.0 UNOFFICIAL | Stable
Released: 20/03/'22
By @JoysKo

Source changelog:
- Fully native android like UI
- Supports Treble and non-Treble ROMs
- Up-to-date kernel, built from sources
- Full dark theme with changeable accents
- Reorganized menus
- MIUI OTA support
- Disable DM Verity
- Use AromaFM as default file manager
- Various tools are include
- Universal flash-able file for all variant of a device
- Many bug fixes & optimization & much more

Released changelog:
- Released based on Stable OF 10.1 device tree version
- Magisk 23.0 integrated
- Build with kernel Elbrus EAS Ultra+ (on Linux v.4.4.295)

Warning! Does not support composite installation ROMs from AROMA-INSTALLER!

Bugs: If you find an bug - report it in the chat Xiaomi Mi Max 3 ROM Builders

Flash Instructions:
• Reboot to recovery
• Flash rom zip

• @Sanek_creed & @Leudyart for a very big help and support

Screenshots: Here (Xiaomi Mi Max 3 ROM Updates in Xiaomi Mi Max 3 ROM Builders)

Donate: Y.Money (Визитка для сбора денег — ЮMoney)
Download: Here ( | by JoysKo for Mi Max 3)

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