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problem with my s7180

Tema en 'H7100 / N7100+ / N7102 / S7180' iniciado por kishore, 28 Ene 2013.

  1. kishore

    kishore Simdualero Junior

      24 Ene 2013
      hello evreybody!!

      i have problems with my phone s7180 Star

      1.when i connected to my car bluetooth and disconnected my sound in the phone dissapear and i have to do restart to fix it.

      2.when i do restart my default keyboard always return to android keyboard (i use anysoftboard app) and my defalt wallpaper always changes why is that?
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      3.can i update the kernal of the phone (devil,seamaphore) ? or is there any way to enable bln in this phone?

      thank you very much if you can help me with that
    • eduardomo

      eduardomo Simdualero de Diamante

      • Veteran@
      30 Dic 2011
      Roses - Girona
      1 Try to unistall bluetoothoncall.apk
      2 look your default preferences in system settings.
      3 these kernels are compiled for others microprocessors (qualcomm, etc) than mediatek MTK657X's, the main micro family in chinese dualsim phones.
    • kishore

      kishore Simdualero Junior

        24 Ene 2013
        ok thank you
        i've uninstalled the bluetoothoncall apk and it seems that now its ok thank you
        i always change the default preferences in my phone and after restart its comes back to apps that i didn't choose funny...
        so i guess that i cant update my kernal untill the chineses decide to put out a new kernal...
        ok thank you very much eduardomo :up:
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