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18 Feb 2012
ROM Precious+1 www-needrom-com_wp_content_uploads_2015_05_316782_281x500-png.215444

This is a custom stock ROM, based on the latest OTA update.

  • Pre-rooted with SuperSU and with BusyBox v1.23.1.
  • LCD Density adjusted slightly. (Everything looks a little bit smaller on the screen, so you can fit more on the screen)
  • Removed loud boot sound.
  • Viper4Android FX pre-installed for incredible audio FX processing.
  • 3C CPU Manager pre-installed for better control over CPU clock speeds and governors.
  • Xposed Framework pre-installed.
  • GravityBox pre-installed for extreme ROM customization.
  • AOSP KitKat Launcher (Launcher3) installed for the Google look.
  • Xposed GEL Settings (XGELS) pre-installed for extreme Launcher customization.
  • AdAway pre-installed to get rid of in-app ads.
  • Apollo pre-installed (Cyanogenmod Music Player)
  • Cyanogenmod Calculator pre-installed.
  • Cyanogenmod Keyboard pre-installed.
  • Cyanogenmod cLock (lockscreen clock widget) pre-installed.

  • Only known issue is that when adding a widget to the homescreen, Launcher3 will force close and reload. Workaround: When adding your widget, quickly drop it anywhere onto your home screen before it force closes. After it's reloaded, adjust the position of your widget.
  • GravityBox cannot re-order your QuickSettings. No workaround as of yet.

  • You can either flash this ROM in a custom recovery such as CWM or TWRP, or you can flash it in SP Flash Tool. Detailed instructions and the tools are provided in the download.

  • To use the Xposed Framework, along with GravityBox and XGELS, you must go onto Xposed Installer app, click on Modules, then tick GravityBox and XGELS, then install the Xposed Framework, then reboot when asked to.

As per usual with all custom ROMs, flash at your own risk! Enjoy!


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  • NFC

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  • 5G

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  • Al menos 3 cámaras principales

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  • Sensor TOF

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  • Lector de huellas

    Votos: 184 52,7%
  • USB tipo C

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  • Bluetooth

    Votos: 170 48,7%
  • Pantalla flexible

    Votos: 25 7,2%

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