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necesito rom

Tema en 'N7189 MTK6589' iniciado por lbparda, 8 Jul 2013.

  1. lbparda

    lbparda Simdualero Junior

      25 May 2013
    • Samuelito

      Samuelito Invitado

        Buenas noches, me interesa muchisimo el tema. Estoy en tu misma situacion. Busco una rom validapara el N7189.
        Si te haces de ella te agradeceria mucho que me la pasaras.
        Un saludo.

      • Samuelito

        Samuelito Invitado

        • makedaes

          makedaes Simdualero de Bronce

            17 Abr 2013
          • Leviatán

            Leviatán Simdualero de Platino

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            15 Ago 2012
          • cata2ca

            cata2ca Simdualero Junior

              4 Jul 2013

              I have a N7189 MT6589 with JB 4.2.3 //e2001_v89_jdt1fwvga. It arrived rooted but without CWM recovery
              Problem was the image very fuzzy due to low res combined with ow refresh (only 42.3 Hz as per Antutu)

              I tried to reflash with a bunch of roms and I am stucked in white screen. I tried most of the screens listed on needrom for this model and screen. All listed for N7189 do not work. I could fool them using vanzo89_wet_jb2.bin preloader but do not turn on screen.

              I also tried some of the old 6577 uboot.bin files that appear to be compatible (resolution)

              I only can get the flash complete with rom from 9500 with preloader ......vanzo89_wet_jb2.bin.
              Screen is white but I can hear the start-up music and after boot screen turns black,
              upon pressing power it gets white...etc.

              I am out of ideas, can somebody help me out?

              I used the following drivers:

              2 -XT5303012SA
              5 - LQ053HNYP32B

              Any help or suggestions are highly appreciated.
              Same message I posted on xda-developers.
            • yoigo6523

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              15 Oct 2013
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