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9 Ene 2012
Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool upload_2014-2-9_16-21-55-png-45821-png.161907

THL T200 SmartPhone Android 4.2 MTK6592W
Octa Core 6.o Inch FHD Screen Corning Gorilla Glass3 2GB 32GB

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We will review the new THL smartphone, who recently has gone into Octacore market through the large door.
His technical features do it a smartphone that can be considered as a high-end chinese smartphone.
The THL T200 it's a serious option to consider, if you want a fully equipped smartphone by a really low price.
As we shall see later, with the THL T200 you will have all needed features for the daily use,
and It's ideally for the most demanding users.
Communication and dealings with coolicool store:
Everything was smooth sailing, my emails was answered rapidly, despite time difference. The tracking number was sended one day after making purchase, and all my doubts were resolved satisfactorily by Adia, the @coolicool store manager.

Package and delivery:
The shipping method chosen was DHL, the package arrived from Singapore to Spain in three days, you can see the tracking.
The package arrived in perfect condition. The device was wrapped in a padded bag to protect it from shock.
The amount to pay at DHL was 44€ in total.
26€ for taxes and 18€ for custom duties.

Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool dhl_en-png.46245

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Package content:
1 x Thl T200
1 x Battery 2500 mAh
1 x 3.5 mm hearphone
1 x Charger
1 x USB cable
1 x Screen protector + other installed in phone
1 x User manual
1 x Cover case (blue)

Basic Parameters:
Android 4.2
CPU: MTK6592W, Cortex-A7 Octa core, 1.7GHz
GPU: Mali-450 MP4
ROM: 32GB (distributed as 5.70GB internal storage and 22.01GB phone storage)
Band 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Band 3G: WCDMA 850/2100MHz
[*] HSUPA Support 5.76 Mbps
[*] HSDPA Support 7.2 Mbps/42Mbps
Sim Card Function: Dual SIM stand-by (Both cards are active. When one is busy, the other is not active)
Sim Card Type: One Mini-SIM Card and other Micro-SIM Card
Service Provide: Unlocked
Display Size: 6 Inch
Display Type: Corning Gorilla Glass3
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels, 441 PPI
Screen Color: 16 Millions Colors / 24 bit
Card Extend: Support TF card up to 32GB extended
Camera/Picture Resolution: Dual Cameras, back camera support 1080P video record 30 fps.
Front camera: 8.0MP Sony IMX111 auto focus, f/2.4 aperture
Back camera: 13.0MP Sony IMX135 with flashlight and auto focus, f/2.0 aperture
WIFI: Yes, 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 / A2DP
Multi-Touch: Yes, 5 point touch
FM Radio: Yes, earphone needed
Earphone Port: 3.5mm
GPS: Yes, built in, also support A-GPS With EPO assistance to speed up postioning
Suported sensors: Direcction Sensor, G-Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Light Sensor, E-Compass,
Distance Sensor, Gyro Sensor, Linear Aceleration Sensor, Rotation Vector Sensor.
Size: 160.8 *84 *9.0 mm
Weight (Including battery): 185g.
Battery: 2500 mAh detachable

Others features: NFC, OTG, OGS, MHL, Fast charge, notification LED red/green, Face Unlock, Voice Unlock, ClearMotion, Wireless Display, 3G selector for SIM1 or SIM2 (Dual 3G), Hall IC, Flip Silent, OTA updater, Gyro/Motion-Sensor, 3D orientation sensors, Dual MIC.

First touchdown:
We have front a really big device, but in a short time we will forget the size, due his spectacular screen and fluidity.
This device is amazing, everything in it is great, the screen, the processor, the RAM, the ROM, the GPU and the further functions.
Only one thing are pretty just, the battery. This one will require a exclusive section to review it, but you must not make hasty conclusions yet.

Body and Materials:
The materials used are pretty good. In addition to the protection Corning Gorilla Glass 3, has a metal frame surrounding the device. We find the power button on the left side and the volume control on the right side. The earphone jack and the micro-usb port are located on the top side.
This device does not have the classical menu keys under screen, the menu key are displayed on screen (virtual keys menu).

If you turning the device, can see a polycarbonate shell with the ThL logo, a 13 megapixel camera with optical Sony, flash LED and microphone for video recording.
When you lift the back cover, you have access to the battery compartment where can find 2 SIM slots and one microSD card slot

With a 6" screen, this is a sizeable device. But is too easy to handle, thanks to his narrow screen framework, only a few edge millimeters, the Thl T200 has a contained width.

The screen is a 6 inch panel Full HD resolution of 441 ppi pixel density with "One Glass Solution" technology. This one offers a small gap between the glass cover and the LCD screen that allows to minimize reflections in direct sunlight and giving you around 180 degrees of visual angle, protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which ensures high resistance to scratches and bumps.
The touch screen is 5 points and responds smoothly and quickly.

The brightness is excellent, allows us to be able to see the screen under sunlight without difficulty and the colors are pretty realistic.
I've seen better screens, but never in a chinese devices brand. I can assure you that Thl T200 screen quality is amazing.

OS and overall throughput:

The device came with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, Google GAPPS installed and without any customization by the brand.
We haven't noticed any lag and the system fluidity is excellent, the browser opens pages instantly. With flash and plugin pages, we get the same speed.

Even with the most demanding games, speed and overall performance does not decrease at any time.
The processor, GPU and RAM are enough to handle all applications, games and HD movies, without any lag or system crash.
Therefore, the THL T200 is a device designed to overcome the most hard tests.

Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 40860-1d4032a971cd8cc4187391a941b1ef17.jpg
The overall sound is very good, I would give an overall mark of 8.
Our talker hears us clearly without background noise, I suspect the rear microphone, in addition to record audio on videos, serves to attenuate background noise, but I can't confirm this.
We listen to our talker perfectly, but a little low, IMO.
The sound with the original headphones is poor, but with a good headphones the sound will improve to much.
The rear speaker sound is good, although the level is very low. This can be solved with the engineer menu, to give more volume.
I'll explain how do it later.

A terminal so slim and with removable battery has a price, a very thin 2500 mAh battery.
The battery is somewhat sparse for a 6 inch. With moderate usage, reaches almost two days of autonomy, wifi off when not needed, low brightness, short gps, and about 8-10 calls.

With heavy use, GPS, wifi and data all the time, Tapatalk, alot web browsing, some game, with a total of 5 hours of screen on, I lasted 18 hours battery life.

In short, if you give a high use, the duration will be sufficient for a full day (about 16 ~ 18 hours), autonomy can be improved IMO.
Ideally a battery above 3000 mAh for such a technological wonder.

With high usage:
Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 41821-b7967399979f86d555f5a5a6e9d2d541.jpg Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 41822-ab301797d79126979436af628a98adaa.jpg

Recharge 3 hours and 10 minutes on stock charger and with a fully discharged battery,
I haven't seen the fast charge feature announcing by the manufacturer anywhere.
Perhaps it supports that technology with a special charger (?).

With moderate usage:
Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 42270-10ef1e94f28c79a06ceafa82b1545ddb.jpg Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 42271-aa6cda5f7dc86be283cc59daa2068604.jpg

Another common trait in all Octa-Core is the generated heat, if you force 8 cores to work at once and the graphics perform at their best (eg. a game with many graphics), you will notice that the heat generated may be undue, but don't worry about it, the device will not burn at all. As I say, it's normal on these processors.
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From scratch
9 Ene 2012
On this device we will found two cameras, both manufactured by Sony.
The front camera is the model IMX111 (real 8.Mpx, 13.Mpx interpolated) with autofocus and f/2.4 aperture, it's enough good to video calls and take some picture yourself.
This device has facial recognition unlock. Therefore, it's highly recommended to have a high quality front camera, if happens that you will use this feature.

On the rear camera, we found the sensor model IMX135 (real 13.Mpx, 18.Mpx interpolated). It has f/2.0 aperture, HDR , face recognition, smile recognition, touch autofocus and more, but I will comment the most notable feature, the HDR.

Without HDR:

Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool sin_hdr-jpg.46605

With HDR:
Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool con_hdr-jpg.46606

You can see the difference, so this technology (HDR) really works.

Night capture without flash:
Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool imagizer-imageshack-us_v2_640x480q90_838_kuci-jpg.180619

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From scratch
9 Ene 2012

Well, the OTG works, I tested it with a keyboard, a mouse and a 16Gb pendrive and all of them have worked flawlessly.
I need to do the test with a USB Hub, and connect all at once. I'll to buy an usb hub to test it coming soon.

Usb Keyboard:
Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 41136-342405251e4179e5edde7b0efcd06ab3.jpg

The NFC is a world entirely unknown to me, I confess. All that I've been able to do with it, is to exchange a photo to an xperia, but with the NFC TAG issue, I haven't idea how it works, in addition to that I haven't any tag for test.
If someone wants to experiment, I have an apk called NFC.apk. This one is supposedly to manage nfc tags. If you want nfc.apk, please send me a private message.

Tested with a headset bluetooth, exchange files to another phone and connected with an Parrot from a friend, everything worked perfectly, so I will not dwell further in this section.

Isn't the best WI-FI that I've seen, maybe is one of slack points, but meets with his function well, and the scope isn't too bad.
Tested with youtube videos and streaming. Even if you moving away from the router, you not going to experience lag (within a reasonable radius).

Wi.Fi speed test:
Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 41112-9d391c8f1f304e81c9812a37ca952d6c.jpg Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 41113-0d3f88ec2c70b800df28e4abffe9064b.jpg Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 41114-05b452ef55ef7bdf7da8dc1814ed3031.jpg Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 41115-bbb70f260cb76c64ba4f49cff1ab97f6.jpg

The signal on both SIM is very good, I use 2 cards from different operators and haven't experienced problems with network coverage.
Another great feature is that you can select SIM card want for 3G data, which is very useful because card formats are different and they can't be swapped.
10 points to Thl by this useful function!!

The 3G speed is the highest that the standard can give, with HSUPA, HSDPA and HSPA+ latest generation, so technically it's a device with 3.5G (the 4G step predecessor).

I must emphasize that it's Dual-Sim Standby, when a card is busy in call, the other SIM is disconnected. If you are using 3G data and you receive an incoming call, data will they stop and the call prevails.
On the negative side, the device haven't 900Mhz band or 4G LTE.

Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 41132-1a4c7d0b6d345371efe09b9dc4719812.jpg Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 41128-113e9dd86e33223a03ff7782a2246f12.jpg
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From scratch
9 Ene 2012
Performance Tests:

AnTuTu BenchMark.
Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 41147-ed9a04676552952de558b360d08df169.jpg Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 41148-a8f190f6111d0a4ba3af5caaf9ebfd77.jpg Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 41149-cb58e3bc1eee5c31a5de5ec64ccd3741.jpg Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 41150-0c2984e104aae3fa1384f67951019883.jpg
Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 41151-94966869567da10f0a5f88e20e40621b.jpg Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 41152-4999ff64e5a754e7176372215df77981.jpg Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 41153-8fac7b8e64bf56f338f6edf0594d9fdc.jpg

Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 41154-d63c0c523a940b8100319f3e06350a5c.jpg
Epic Citadel:
Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 41155-d3216f77a76ff5449c916585915ba331.jpg
Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 41156-9acee2376f1fb8d8ba72f656177a24f3.jpg Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 41157-1125e65ed5ade724b9f9bd441320d994.jpg Thl T200 sponsored by coolicool 41158-eadd0a8908ff635615347e19c66e7130.jpg
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From scratch
9 Ene 2012
ROOT, CWM Recovery and better performance.

To be ROOT is very simple, just install Framaroot version 1.9.1. We can download it from author page
Just run it and select the image option below, reboot your device and voila!!!

The device comes with a recovery in chinese language, which you can access pressing Vol - and Power.
As most of us may have problems with the Chinese language, we will install a CWM recovery (In English), much more friendly.

Download the recovery from the link, and put it in the SD card root with the name recovery.img
Install Movileuncletools from Google market, as the device is already rooted, we can install the recovery with the Movileuncletool, just chose the option for it.

Now we can install custom ROMS, do backups, wipe, etc ...

WARNING: To get into CWM recovery mode, you must press VOL + and Power.
If you press VOL - and Power, will enter into Chinese recovery, and unless you know Chinese, you will need remove the battery, to prevent select anything unwanted of the menu.

You get into CWM recovery mode with movileuncletools also.

I haven't found any custom ROM for this model. There are one on needroms, but It's for chinese devices version and the baseband does not work here, so you don't should ever install it, because the device will lose the imeis and baseband.
You're warned about it.!!

Download CWM recovery.img :
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31 May 2011
:dizzy:Estoy con casi 39 de fiebre pero veo visiones o me he equivocado de foro:tonguewink:
I'm almost 39 see visions fever or I have the wrong forum.

You only @amnesia :up:

saludos y paz.


From scratch
9 Ene 2012
:dizzy:Estoy con casi 39 de fiebre pero veo visiones o me he equivocado de foro:tonguewink:

saludos y paz.
No @zoyB, no ves visiones. Es nuestra primera review internacional.

P.D. Que te mejores y un saludo!!! :smile:

No @ zoyB, you aren't watching visions. That's our first international review.
P.D: I hope you get better. Best regards!
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No estoy loco mi madre me hizo pruebas.
27 Abr 2013
Al otro lado de la pantalla.
Me gusta tu idea @amnesia , buen trabajo. :up:
I like your idea @amnesia, good work. Victor.


From scratch
9 Ene 2012
Me gusta tu idea @amnesia , buen trabajo. :up:
I like your idea @amnesia, good work. Victor.
Thanks my friend, but in this forum don't mandatory to write in spanish. Just in english would be enough.


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18 Nov 2013
Hi everybody @amnesia welcome to xda... Uppssss this is moviles dualsim??? What's wrong?

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25 Dic 2012
Lol, this is the first international review of Mds, I never have ever expected this. So, did you have this idea, isn't it? Or actually comes from @Breixo.
Whatever, it's a pleasure read you, mate

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