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ROM OFICIAL Redmi NOTE-WCDMA Stable Version(Global) JHDMIBH37.0

Tema en 'ROMs Xiaomi RedMi Note' iniciado por wizardice, 8 Oct 2014.

  1. wizardice

    wizardice Simdualero de Diamante

    • Veteran@
    8 Jun 2013
    aranda de duero
    pues eso, han actualizado a la version v.37.
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    The default SD card to store the ROM cell phone must be equipped with an SD card, users no SD card or an SD card, do not brush default SD card ROM
    default SD card No SD card storage ROM status screen to open the next opportunity card only mobile phone loaded SD card to boot

    MIUI switch version 37.0 A2
    · desktop layout increase 4X6 and 5X5 format
    · Add miui6 latest 720P back, better adapted to 720P Mobile · A2 version of Switching version with camera switching and voice switching
    • Improve long standby wake black screen problem, after a night stand wake up in the morning is not black
    · enhance fluency until the system boot after a few minutes the effect is obvious upgrade
    · a few minutes before the start will be a little card, do not put aside to move, wait a few minutes to smooth the
    * 01 version as the default SD card, all data, software installation, photographs, everything downloaded by default SD card
    * plus V6 material are MIUI6 extraction, without third-party themes
    · now MIUI6 theme than N, the need to download
    · 01 version as the default storage + SD card WSM lifted restrictions

    · ROOT is certainly there, in the center of the authorized security Management Open
    · Official data storage option does not mean that the software can be installed to the SD card (choose to store version)
    · Repair MI-Tools invalid BUG

    · join the new goggles version 3.1.7
    · join immersive status bar ( Tinted_Status_Bar v1.8.9 .5 Chinese Version) chameleon
    · Add new theme template, there will be no shadows, calendar with week
    joined MIUI6 · Add folder icon
    · Add custom features to replace the icon, more concise
    · Add 30.0 official camera, gallery, video, Music store data Optional (Settings - Storage)
    · Add MIUI6 APP icon
    · Add MIUI6 setting options icon, more beautiful setting interface
    · Add MIUI6 clock, to experience the new V6 clock
    · Add millet latest ROOT permissions mechanism, in the desktop security center authorized management to open ROOT privileges
    · Add desktop settings, adding 4x6,5x5 layout
    · When you first start the app store to join, will not prompt the user to log in pop
    · Add desktop display application store downloads, installation progress
    · Add MIUI6 package of wallpaper
    · join WSM2. 3.5· join Mi-Tools 2.0.7 (already finished and landscaping logo)· Join timer switch power, save, while reducing the body's sleep phone radiation· join screen assistant mi-pop a resurgence of classic screen assistant, can replace the bottom button· join calls flash also envy fruit machine calls to information flash twinkling effect it· adding any original Viper audio restoration audio sound details· Join goggles can adjust the color temperature and global night mode control, Create a desktop shortcut· adding functional test mode, the original engineering model comes with fast and convenient entrance, prudent use

    Custom Function (Settings - Custom Function)
    WSM-Tools (first load frame)
    Mi-Tools (WSM framework needed )
    Immersion status bar (on WSM frame)
    Sound Viper
    night mode color temperature adjustment and
    timing turn off
    the screen assistant Mi-pop
    calls flash mode
    reboot to Recovery
    mode USB mount
    engineering debug mode works in debug mode

    * Settings - define function -WSM
    · Click below to install into WSM- - give permission - restart the phone
    * into WSM- checked Mi-Tools restart the phone
    • Set - Custom Function - MI-Tools· into MI-Tools- Status Bar - Clock - clock position - center or center IOS style
    into the MI-Tools- · Status bar - operators label / logo - Hide operators label tick
    · into MI-Tools- status bar - operators label / logo - operator logo tick
    · into the MI-Tools- status bar - operators label / logo - Select logo - choose
    · other set their own, set up after the restart the phone

    Rom instalation

    • Download ROM :
    A. MIUI V 4.10.6 :
    Please reply to view this thread.
    2. Put the files in the SD CARD (not in a folder)
    3. Reboot and go into Custom recovery ( CWM or TWRP)
    4. To reduce errors in the installation rom, I suggest to full wipe and wipe cache [OPTIONAL]
    5. Klik instal zip from SD Card
    6. Select the file downloaded earlier
    7. Wait until successfully
    8. And reboot
  2. amosanda4422

    amosanda4422 Simdualero de Oro

      24 Ene 2014
      perdona de ingles como de chino, poco o nada, le he pasado el traductor y casi peor
      --- Comentario doble fusionado, 8 Oct 2014 ---
      si fuese posible una traducción para torpes
    • wizardice

      wizardice Simdualero de Diamante

      • Veteran@
      8 Jun 2013
      aranda de duero
      @Xancin@Xancin a ver que puedes hacer con esta rom.
    • argam24

      argam24 Simdualero de Plata

        27 Jun 2014
        Que esta en ingles chino?
        Ya la habéis probado?
      • xancin

        xancin Simdualero de Diamante

        • Cocinero Android
        • Veteran@
        2 Mar 2014
        La puedo traducir.
        • Útil Útil x 1
        • lelre

          lelre Simdualero de Platino

          • Veteran@
          15 May 2013
          @Xancin@Xancin eres como aguistina de aragon, hasta quemar el cañon:smile::dizzy:
          • Me Gusta Me Gusta x 1
          • xancin

            xancin Simdualero de Diamante

            • Cocinero Android
            • Veteran@
            2 Mar 2014
            Ya la estoy bajando. Por lo que dicen arreglaron el problema del correo
          • Beta

            Beta Simdualero de Diamante

            • Miembro de Honor
            • Veteran@
            • Supermod Jubilado
            1 Oct 2012
            Madrid, Spain
            Y si no lo arreglas tu, menudo eres.
            • Me Gusta Me Gusta x 1
            • fran001

              fran001 Simdualero de Platino

                9 Jul 2014
                Y por lo que deduzco arreglado mi tools
              • wizardice

                wizardice Simdualero de Diamante

                • Veteran@
                8 Jun 2013
                aranda de duero
                esperemos que esta no te de problemas como la v.36 @Xancin@Xancin
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